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Another adventure with Danny. Testing out my new 5D mark iii. We went to Wellington Point then arrived at the lighthouse down in NSW later that night to try some long exposures. Taken on film and digital.


Some recent opening nights at The Hold with Gen.

Karike Ashworth’s ‘Lamentation’ was a touching exploration of loss where the words ‘almost normal’ almost broke my heart. One of the rooms was filled of ripped hospital bedsheets, where the above was taken.

'Middle Ground 2' was a diverse collection of contemporary art pieces by Queensland College of Art fine art students.

I absolutely love these photos that Savannah took of me!


This is my beautiful friend, Gen. She never ceases to impress me with how much of a genuinely kind-hearted soul she is. Her intentions are always pure, her heart full of love for God. She knows an irritatingly huge amount of people, she is constantly growing, and is inherently creative. She often writes letters, cannot stomach Sencha Peach tea, likes to drop eggs on the floor when she’s cooking, and picks me fresh lavender from her grandma’s garden when she goes North to visit.

The other night I walked in, saying ‘I feel like hearing Bach’s Prelude, but I want to hear it played live.’ In no time at all her Dad was playing it on the piano as we sat intent. Her mum has the warmest of smiles and has created a home that feels like a second home to me.

So blessed to have this lady in my life and wanted to document of snippet of her home.

Thank you to my beautiful friend Savannah, for the kindest of words. (I am so ridiculously grateful to have you in my life Sav).


Kings Of Nowhere - Fanny Latour-Lambert [x]

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Did you say clouds and sunsets?

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